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  • Created by

    Filipe Silva

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    Sales and Industry Development

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Going Global: How to Take a Local Publishing Company to International Heights (PART ONE)

Course Description

Part 1: Introduction to International Sales

Level: Introductory

Duration: Approx. 60 minutes

Learning Objective: To understand the broad concepts and partners related to international sales, and exploring Print Book, eBooks and Audiobooks formats in international markets. An overview of the main bookfairs around the world and making meaningful market partner connections.

  • Segment 1: Understanding International Sales
    • Largest Book Markets & Consumer Markets
    • The Open Market, The Commonwealth & Sub Rights
    • Market segmentation: Behavioral, Demographic, Psychographic, Geographic

  • Segment 2: The International Partners
    • US, UK, Europe, China, India, Latin America
    • E-commerce Players
    • Amazon around the world

  • Segment 3: Consumer Preferences, Print, eBook and Audio Book formats
    • US & UK, Western Europe, China
    • Print, eBook & Audio Books Format Preferences by Region

  • Segment 4: The power of bookfairs around the world
    • International Bookfairs
    • Developing International partner relationships and who to meet
    • Leveraging relations and expanding connections

Optional practice assignment: Please see descriptive course content.

Recommended articles/readings: Please see descriptive course content.

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